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September 15, 6pm

Program:  We Remember 9/11 with Rhudy R. Keith, Jr., Instructor Virginia Department of Fire Programs

Committee:  National Defense, Commemorative Events

Hostesses:  Grace Ratliff, Sherri Dawson, Rita Rife and Becky Street


October 20, 6pm

Program:  Honoring the Peace Corps with Judy Holland

Committee:  Americanism

Hostesses:  Brenda Ward, Mary Rife, Kay Keene and Sandy VanDyke


November 5

Veterans Dinner



December 8, 6pm

Program:  Wreaths Across America

Committee:  Commemorative Events

Hostesses:  Potluck


January 19, 6pm

Program:  The BIG P’s…Pins and Protocol

Committee:  Insignia

Hostesses:  Cammy Reece, Anita Stacy, Mae Broyles and Phyllis Sumrall


February 16, 6pm

Program:  The Never Ending Battle:  Women’s Health

Committee:  Women’s Issues

Hostesses:  Janie Owens, Brandee Owens, Mary Salyer and Jan Coleman


March 15 – 18

State Conference


April 19, 6pm

Program:  Tracing DNA with Peggy Keen

Committee:  Genealogy Preservation

Hostesses:  Freda Rasnake, Susie Mullins, Jane Hughes and Susan Cox


May 17, 6pm

Program:  TBD

Committee:  TBD

Hostesses:  Tania Stevens, Sherry Steele, Josephine Blankenship, Sheilah Powers and Shonna Powers


June 14 – Flay Day



















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