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William Ballard 

David Branham, Sol, VA, wife, Frances Basket

Spencer Breeding, Pvt, VA, wife, Elizabeth Finny, 2nd wife, Hannah Hicks

James Caudill, NC, wife, Mary

Michael Charles, Patriot, NC, wife unknown

Pleasant Childers, Pvt, NC, wife, Sarah Jefferies

John Goolman Davidson, VA, wife, Martha Draper

James Davidson, Ens, VA, wife Margaret Gough

Isaac Edwards, VA, wife, Catherine Boone

John Elswick, Sgt, VA, wife, Susannah

George Fry, VA, wife, Ann Margaret Johnson

George Fuller, NC, wife, Nancy

Joseph Hatfield, VA, wife, Elizabeth Smith

Nicholas Kline, Ens, VA, wife, Mary

Isaac Little, Sol, VA, wife, Wenny

John Looney, Capt, VA, wife, Ester “Hetty” Renfro

Walter Mattingly, Sol, VA wife, Mary Smith

John McLaughlin, NC, wife, Judith Leathers

Henry McWhorter, NY, wife, Mary Fields

Elexious Musick, VA, wife unknown

George Peery, VA, wife, Martha Davidson

John Price/Priez, Pvt, PA, wife, Mary Ann (Stoner)

Nathan Ratliff, Pvt, NC, wife, Polly Farmer

Stephen Renfrew, Sr., Sol,  VA, wife, Ester

Bernard Reynolds, VA, wife, Lucy Johnston

Andrew Shortridge, VA, wife, Sarah Nancy Garrison

Simon Stacy, Pvt, VA, wife, Elizabeth Davidson

George Stover, Sgt, PA, wife, Katherine Price

Archibald Thompson, VA, wife, Rebecca Peery

William Thompson, VA, wife, Jane Buchanan, 2nd wife, Lydia Graham

George Walker, Pvt, PA, wife, Margaret Heefner

Abednego White, Patriot, MD, wife, Mary

James Rowe, Cpl, VA, wife, Elizabeth

Michael Drake, Pvt, VA, 2nd wife, Jane


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