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Veterans for Service:

Veterans at Heritage Hall nursing home were presented baskets of goodies, including fruit, candy, clothing, and toiletries on Veterans Day and at Christmas.

Buttons commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War were distributed.

A book on the Korean War was donated to the Buchanan County Library.

Currently we are planning special activities for the 276th Engineering Battalion of the National Guard who served in Iraq. To donate a gift certificate, contact us. 

Special Project:

Staff Sgt. Heath Calhoun -  Members of our chapter raised over $36,000.00 to buy a specially equipped vehicle for Heath who lost both legs in November, 2003, in Iraq.  See our special page devoted to this project Wheels for Heath.


Schools, Education:

Promoting Education by placing framed copies of the United States Constitution in area schools.

Encourage patriotism by conducting Assemblies on proper way to display the flag and show respect for the flag.


Genealogical Records publication:

The chapter is currently working on abstracting deeds from Buchanan County courthouse. Also, an Original Land Entry book has been abstracted. The Genealogical Records Committee is in the process of copying a large volume of privately held records from Brenda Ward's collections.


Community Outreach, Women’s Issues:

Planned volunteer day and sponsorship of the Remote Area Medical Outreach program in Grundy, October 16 and 17th, 2004.



Contributions to Indian Schools, monies, coupons.

Presented copies of Painted Mountain by Ken Henderson to county schools, promoting education about local Indians.



Good Citizens awards presented annually to graduating seniors at each high school.

Jr. ROTC awards to participating schools.

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Current Events

- Chapter Officers - - Our members and their roles in our group.

Veterans for Service committee co-chairmen are Mary Rife and Josephine Rife. Contact them to help with current projects at local nursing homes, help for the 276th, or special events.


GRC chairmen Debbie DeHart will be happy to assist with copying family bibles or other privately held papers for inclusion in volumes to be placed in the DAR library in Washington, as well as local libraries of your choice.


We're looking for Junior members, contact Dena Keith.


If you'd like to contribute historical, genealogical books or magazines ask Susan Cox.


Pat Hatfield is chairman of the State Regents Project for Levisa River


Reach these chairman here.